About Me

Usually, the price of the goods is too high for the reason of “brand added value“. It often happens in the fashion industry, as well. One of my friend who worked in Italian company told me that most of the Italian brands will outsource products to small shops in China, so they only need to pay a very small fee to the factory. They usually sell the item for 2000+ dollars but only pay no more than $100 for the manufacturing factory. They do not tell the factory its brand but transport the item from the back door and label them at their company.
I once found in Shanghai, the fake Hermes T-shirt which touches very well. I have only paid $20 for it. I have a real one which costs far more than $20. Actually, I can not distinguish the real one from the fake one. In my eyes, the watch has their own “brand added value” .though it is not illegal, I still prefer to but a fake one since the “brand added value” is too high. In this blog, I will recommend the replica watches I bought so far, hope you will love it as well.